In The Valley of the Moon

Jenny Adams' traumatic childhood has created demons she can no longer fight.  A promising rodeo career has been thrown away.  Everything good is gone, and all that's left is the bottle.  She looks once again to the stars, the ones her uncle told her about so many years ago.  Can she find her way back home?  Will she be able to put the bottle down, and get back in the saddle?

In The Valley of the Moon Independent Film, Caleb Coffey filmmaker.

The Last Best Place

In the not so distant future, another Civil War has left The Rocky Mountain West more rugged than ever.  Hamlin Connors lives out his days in a dream world, forever mourning the loss of his wife, kidnapped by evil men, gone four years now.  But then a call comes through on the shortwave.  A woman is pleading for help.  Will Hamlin take the call?  Will he be able to finally look his past in the eye, and shoot straight from the heart?  He better.  It's the Cowboy's way.

The Last Best Place, Independent Film, Caleb Coffey Filmmaker, Soundtrack Production, Dystopian Western, Missoula Montana, Rocky Mountain West

Silver City

The year is 1849.  It's late September in Montana.  Four cowboys are on the trail, keeping a steady pace, and heading towards Silver City.  Walter Mason, the intellectual leader of the group, is in the lead where he thinks he belongs.  He is in love with a whore, but won't admit it.  Little Ned Keller,  as pure as the driven snow, trusts that his one true love patiently waits for him back home. Talkative Tennessee Ted  just wants to play some cards.  And Tom, well, Tom don't say too much.  They all have their hopes and dreams, and all of their dreams will be destroyed in Silver City.

Silver City, Independent Filmmaker Caleb Coffey Screenwriter Composer Soundtrack Production Missoula Montana